The expected reunion of Danna Paola and Jorge López

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The expected reunion of Danna Paola and Jorge López

Lu and Valerio’s relationship in Elite earned a great fandom. But also, Danna Paola Y Jorge Lopez they surrounded themselves with many rumors.

Since the Chilean actor joined in the second season playing the Mexican character’s stepbrother, the actors not only showed great chemistry, but they also showed great chemistry outside the set.

In social networks the theory circulated that between Danna Y López there was more than friendship, until then the break would have come.

They never confirmed the romance, and the times they were questioned about it indicated that they were great friends.

However, with the release of the new album by Danna Paola: Knock Out, the theory invades the Internet again. In the subject Ordinary Love, Danna launches phrases like “The sun, your hands and the cold in Madrid”, fueled the rumors.

Gone are the posts of love and encounters that Danna Y Jorge they gave them to their fans on the networks.

Even the times that the interpreter of ‘Mía’ visited Spain and met former Elite co-stars. An obvious distance between them.

However, the fans of Lucrecia-Valerio / Danna-Jorge have reasons to shout with this … And it is that after many months, the stars “found each other” again.

Check out the video above with all the details.

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