The Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings is real and was in Mexico

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The inhabitants of the Ixtepec City lived disconcerting hours during Monday of this week, after a strong storm that hit the town. What happened was that a mysterious red light appeared in the middle of the sky and generated panic among the people of the place, although on social networks they took it with grace and compared it to the Eye of sauron from The Lord of the rings.

During the night of Monday and the first hours of Tuesday, various media and social network users began to echo this red spectrum in the middle of the darkness. By not having the necessary information about what was happening, it was initially believed that it was a meteorite or an unidentified object, although it is neither of the two things.

What is it really about? What appeared in the Oaxaca sky was a meteorological phenomenon known as “sprite” or “red goblin”. According to what NASA details, it is an electrical discharge that sometimes takes the form of a large jellyfish, and that is why they look like an inverted eye. The first of these events was detected just 30 years ago and to this day the cause that produces them is unknown.

The investigations of the space agency have brought them closer to a reason, but there is nothing concrete yet. They are believed to appear after a powerful positive lightning bolt from a cloud, where there is a high concentration of positive charges and usually generates a large electrical current. They are said to start out as tiny 100-meter balls of ionized air and shoot from about 80 kilometers up at 10% the speed of light.

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Far from the concern of the inhabitants who were eyewitnesses of this phenomenon, social networks also played their role and It was on Twitter where Internet users viralized the published images, joking that it was the Eye of Sauron from the trilogy of The Lord of the rings. So they assured it with the comments they left!


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