The Fabulous Machine is the latest from the studio behind Do Not Feed the Monkeys

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AMC Games has announced the development of the new from the Spanish studio Fictiorama Studios, creators of Do Not Feed the Monkeys. The Fabalous Fear Machine is a narrative game with strategy mechanics for PC, in which players must conquer the world through fear. According to the press release, the title will come out in 2022 and will combine a geopolitical simulator approach with pulp horror elements. In addition, AMC Games and Fictiorama collaborate with AMC Networks, the horror streaming service, to contribute “their knowledge on how to spread fear”.

The game, designed for a single player, is inspired by retro horror comics and allows the player to embody various Masters of the Machine. The main mechanic is to create and spread fear through horror stories, myths and conspiracy theories. It has been structured in different chapters starring the different teachers, each with its specific objectives. As your influence increases, the geographic scope of the missions will increase, as will the pressure on other characters.

So the terror spreads

“This new game from AMC Games takes us back to the very roots of fear,” says Clayton Neuman, AMC vice president of games. “The Fabulous Fear Machine talks about the reasons that move us to tell scary storiesor. The game is about all those urban legends we’ve grown up with, and the thrill of sharing them with others. We’re excited to be working with the award-winning team at Fictiorama and our fellow Shudder teammates, and to bring the potential of all these stories to players… which will continue to make our hair stand on end. “

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Fictiorama has explained the following about the title: “In this game, we wanted to explore the theme of urban legends as an essential element of the culture and folkloree, but also reflect on the enormous power that these narratives have on the psyche of the population. In that sense, working with experts in the field of terror such as Shudder and AMC has been very positive ”. And they add: “To what extent do these stories influence us? To answer this question, at The Fabulous Fear Machine we have turned urban tales, fables and legends into tools of strategy… and put them in the hands of the players ”.

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