The facets of photography: The pictures of the week (week 41)

The pictures of the day from last week only reflect a fraction of the spectrum that the members of the c’t photography gallery bring there week after week. However, the contributions show how multifaceted photography is.

Landscape photography is as complex as nature itself. That is why photographers keep surprising us with unique images of nature. An example of this is the photo entitled Enting, which photographer Dave Derbis discovered in the Bavarian Alps. It shows an aged maple among a group of others. The recording reminds him of a scene from the work of Lord of the rings by JRR Tolkien, namely the gathering of tree creatures “Ents”.

Gallery member “analoochjehtoch” was on the Baltic Sea beach, actually to photograph sea birds. On the other hand, he came across a hooded crow that caught his attention. He cleverly positioned himself to give him a special portrait of the bird with the appropriate title In tails on the beach succeeded.

Architectural photography occupies a broad field in the gallery. We are always surprised at how versatile the photographers interpret this genre. The picture of the day from Monday with the title Kraftwerk comes from photographer Claus Labenz. He uses many elements for his photo to achieve this unique effect: contrast, composition, reflection and a skilful black and white implementation.

You will come across other facets of photography such as macro, fantasy, night photography and street while leafing through the photo gallery. Have fun…


The photo was taken on a photo tour in the Bavarian Alps. “In the maple floor there are maple trees up to 600 years old,” wrote Dave Derbis in an email to the editorial team. “While wandering around I discovered this striking tree. The whole scene strongly reminded me of the Ents from Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’, hence the title Entingdescribing a tree meeting. “
Nikon D850 | 16-35mm | ISO 64 | f / 11 | Pole filter
(Image: Dave Derbis)

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More from c't photography

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