The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: fans don’t like the new Captain America, Wyatt Russell warns – MRT

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Through Disney Plus, Marvel Studios is already sharing the first phase 4 productions of the Avengers story. WandaVision was the first series to hit the platform and the first episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are currently premiering.

In this production, life on Earth is explored after the Hulk’s snap, which brought back half of the living beings that Thanos eliminated with the infinity gems. Perhaps the great surprise of the first chapter was the appearance of a new Captain America: John Walker.

This character is played by Wyatt Russell and you may not need to get excited about the possible appearance of a new superhero in the MCU. Everything seems to indicate that it is a villain or simply a character that will not have greater relevance in the future of the Avengers team.

Wyatt Russell knows that, for now, this new character has not won the sympathy of fans, especially for not working alongside Falcon and Winter Soldier. In an interview with spoke about it.

“I think people had a funny reaction,” he said. “There are elements to him where he wants to be able to do it without the super soldier serum. He has these ideas in his head to like others, like a new version of Captain America, “he adds.

He then makes a comparison with the Rogers and Walker version. It simply says that one was born in the digital age.

Is Battlestar a new superhero?

John Walker’s new partner has caught the attention of fans for his ability to fight super soldiers despite not having powers. For now, it is not known if he received the serum or simply it is from highly trained army agents.

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His name is Lemar Hoskins and he appeared in the Captain America comics in 1986 but got his Battlestar alias in 1988. He served in the United States Army and joined with Walker in the PowerBroker project, which was in charge of creating new super men with the serum that transformed Steve Rogers.

Let us remember that this serum did manage to be replicated thanks to the experiments in Isaiah Bradley. This other character is known in the comics as Black Captain America and served in the Vietnam War.

For now, it is not known how faithful the series is to the comics. More information about Walker and Hoskins is pending.

Is Battlestar a new superhero?  (Photo: Marvel)Is Battlestar a new superhero? (Photo: Marvel)

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