The fan art Henry Cavill and Dragon Ball Z fans needed

The fan art Henry Cavill and Dragon Ball Z fans needed

Dragon Ball Evolution, a live action released in 2009 caused all fans of Dragon Ball Z flee to everything that has to do with the new versions of the manga. And it must be said that they were not very wrong for the simple fact that that adaptation greatly distorted the true story of this iconic anime.

However, even though the choice of Dragon Ball Z for his live-action it was not entirely correct, it is seen that the producers should listen more to the fans. Is that, as the years went by, many of them were in charge of choosing the perfect actors to perform what is known as fan arts of the series.

And, after the success of the drawings of Sebastián Stan and Elizabeth Olsen as Androids 17 and 18, now it was the turn of Henry Cavill. On this occasion the artist carlososgzz003 transformed the protagonist of The Witcher Margot Robbie is also seen in Trunks and next to him, characterized as Android 18.

Even so, it should be noted that Henry Cavill He looks a bit older for Vegeta’s son, who was always imagined as a teenager. In addition, the artist shared the original versions of these characters and it is seen, precisely, that the actor is much more formed than the drawing itself.

Anyway, this creation was very flattered by the fans who did not hesitate to ask for a movie with these interpreters bringing the characters of the fan art to life. And, we must remember that Henry more than once assured that he would like to be part of a live-action, although for him, if it is from Disney, better.


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