The farm that Harry and Meghan have in their mansion in danger by some unwanted visitors – MAG.

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Details and details follow. Enrique and Meghan de Sussex have become part of the star-system, occupying magazine covers and headlines for any detail related to his life in the United States. The latter, and that has nothing to do with British royal family, is that a couple of bears would be stalking the mansion of the couple in Montecito who have chickens on their property.

Meghan of Sussex and Prince Harry reside in a large house located in Montecito, an exclusive area of ​​California where many other famous people live such as Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Grande, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have come up with somewhat less well-known and wealthy but a bit wilder neighbors: a couple of bears.

As reported by the British newspaper , security cameras in the upscale Montecito neighborhood have captured images of the bears prowling the quiet streets of the locality. Specifically, they were displayed in the vicinity of the Montecito Union School as well as at the Laguna Blanca School, which forced a preventive confinement last September.

The Dukes of Sussex already increased security in May when the bears broke into her neighbor’s house and attacked her chicken coop. In the video, which was recorded by the property’s security cameras, a black bear can be seen walking calmly through the garden of the property.

Wild animal attacks are becoming more common in the United States. The last to reveal her experience has been the Spanish singer Raquel del Rosario who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. The artist managed to save her youngest five-year-old son from the attack of a cougar. An event that occurred on August 26 and that did not cost the little boy his life for very little.

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