The Fascinating Age Difference Between Samadhi Zendejas and William Levy

William Levy Sparks Rumors of a New Affair with Samadhi Zendejas

Since he starred in “Vuelve a mí” on Telemundo with Samadhi Zendejas, Cuban actor William Levy has been romantically linked by different Mexican media.

In this way, Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s ex-boyfriend is once again a trend on social networks for a new affair that will give something to talk about.

Speculations and Rumors on Social Media

Rumors of a new affair between William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas do not stop appearing on different social platforms. Everything happened after the 42-year-old Cuban and the Mexican comedian starred in “Vuelve a mí” through the Telemundo signal.

According to journalist Mandy Fridmann, both actors “would be starting a relationship,” despite the fact that they have not communicated anything to the media or to the entertainment press in general.

Samadhi Zendejas and William Levy in their roles as Nuria and Braulio, respectively, in “Vuelve a mí”.

However, neither the protagonist of “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” nor the one born in Azteca have denied such assertions that were born after her appearance in the melodrama. Of course, it would not be unreasonable to think that both managed to get along after agreeing on a reality show about two years ago.

Age Difference Between William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas

Although their alleged romance is known throughout Mexico, few know the difference of age between both histrions. Well, the truth is that William Levy is 14 years ahead of Samadhi Zendejas, actress of “La mujer del diablo”.

Making accounts and looking for data, we found out that Levy would be about to turn 43 on August 29, while Samadhi would blow out 29 candles on December 27 of this year.

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In short, the couple of the moment is almost 15 years apart. William Levy has an outstanding career in acting.

Although it is said that love knows no age, journalist Mandy Fridmann reveals that it is this factor that would worry the actress’s environment too much, quite apart from the love history that Levy has with different personalities from the media.

The Emergence of the Love Between William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas

Although at the moment it is all rumors, it is known that their affair would have started on the recording sets during the programs and novels where they came to coincide.

In fact, it was Zendejas herself who called Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s ex-husband “pretty eyes” on social networks, which generated a great avalanche of rumors between the two.

But this does not end there, since the speculations of both began to take more force after TVNotas magazine published a viral clip where both television stars are seen going to a luxury restaurant, and then apparently entering a hotel together.

New Romance or Soap Opera?

Be that as it may, no one would doubt that the romance between Levy and Zendejas would be a great success for Telemundo, especially after producing the melodrama “Vuelve a mí”.

How will Elizabeth Gutiérrez take this? Well, it seems that we have a new soap opera for the following months.

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