Unraveling the Mystery: The Fate of David Kostyk in Shadow and Bones Season 2

Season 2 of “Shadow and Bone” recently concluded, and fans are still buzzing about the thrilling finale. The show managed to wrap up some plot threads but also left audiences with lingering questions about some beloved characters. One such character is David Kostyk, whose fate remains unknown.

David Kostyk was portrayed by Luke Pasqualino in the show. He played a Grisha who could manipulate metals and serve as a Dark Heretic until he realized how evil Kirigan was. Since the first season, David has been romantically interested in Genya, but due to various events, the two haven’t been able to be together.

In the new season, fans believed that finally David and Genya would have their happy ending, but the arrival of the Nichevo’ya at the fort changed everything. To protect Genya, David locked her in an elevator and stayed behind to greet the shadow monster.

After the battle ended, Genya searched for David but couldn’t find him. She found a splatter of blood on the elevator’s door and couldn’t feel his heartbeat, which made her believe that he was dead. However, in the rule of television and movies, if you don’t see the body, the person may still be alive.

David’s story ends differently in the books from Leigh Bardugo’s series. He survived the battle and returned in the “King of Scars” duology, only to die in “Rule of Wolves” after marrying Genya and giving some closure to their romance.

However, fans can only speculate about David’s fate in the show. Some believe that he may have been injured and taken away by someone, considering his talent for gadgets and inventions.

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Season 1 and 2 of “Shadow and Bone” are available on Netflix, and fans can catch up on all the action anytime they want. As we await news about the show’s future, we can only speculate about what will happen next and whether David Kostyk will return.

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