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The fifth season of the Crown would already have its ideal Prince Harry

Much in spite of the requests and even anger of the British royal family, the production of The Crown its fifth season is already in the works. After four editions full of success, where they captured detail by detail the life of the monarchy on Netflix, Peter Morgan decided to extend his creation to one sixth in order to give wealth to the 70 years that Elizabeth II has been on the throne.

Although they will not show everything that happened in the life of the Windsors, so far The Crown he tried not to omit anything. In fact, leaving the common stories of the monarchy, this series showed each of the secrets and controversies that most complicated the image of the family, among which is the fateful loss of the Princess of Wales, Diana.

What’s more, the fourth season was one of the most talked about since Morgan did not forget to incorporate the arrival of the Princess at Buckingham Palace and until the birth of the first of her children, Prince William. But now, in the fifth edition, it will take place from the 90s to the 2000s, which not only includes the death of LadyDi, but also the birth of Prince Harry, his childhood with his brother, his adult life and his entry into the College.

Prince Harry would already have the actor to play him. Photo: (Getty)

However, for weeks, the production of the strip ran into serious problems: finding the ideal actor to play the youngest son of Prince Charles was a challenge. The thing is, According to what transpired, finding a boy similar to the Duke of Sussex became the biggest challenge of the new season since the rest of the cast would already be completely renovated.

However, now, from Spoiler we have the ideal actor and he was chosen by the same readers. Recently, we proposed eight personalities who could play the Prince and, among all of them, there is one who beat the others by obtaining 32% of the votes. It is neither more nor less than Rupert Grint.

Rupert Grint would be the chosen one.  Photo: (Getty)

Rupert Grint would be the chosen one. Photo: (Getty)

The artist, also of British origin, rose to international fame for his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and, in addition, he has something very important for the production: he is almost the same age as Harry. The actor is 32, while the aristocrat is 36, although the most important thing is that their look is quite similar: they are both red-haired and have light eyes.

Spoiler voting.

Spoiler voting.

On the other hand, who came second in the vote is Sam Heughan, who obtained 18% of the votes in his favor. Known for his role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, is one of the most named for the role of Harry, but there is something that complicates his situation: he is five years older than the Prince and he is not red-haired, but blond. However, now we just have to wait to see if The Crown will take into account the decision of the public.

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