The film Josee, the tiger and the fishes, presents a date and a trailer in Spanish

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Selecta Vision has announced the theatrical release date and the first trailer in Spanisho de Josee, the tiger and the fish, the emotional new studio-produced anime film that made A Silent Voice possible; with the creatives of I want to eat your pancreas. Available in theaters throughout Spain this September, 10thWe are looking at the film that opened the last Annecy festival and which has just received a special mention at the VIC Nits Orientals Festival.

Josee, the tiger and the fish hits theaters this September 10

Josee, the tiger and the fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi) is based on the 1984 short novel written by Seiko Tanabe. After its first adaptation in 2003 with flesh and blood actors, it is time to turn this exciting story into a romantic anime with melodramatic overtones that, according to the criticism, will delight lovers of the genre.

Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice ) y Keiichi Hara (El Verano de Coo) are at the forefront of this romantic feature film originally released in 2020 and with a duration of 98 minutes. The script is provided by Sayaka Kuwamura, specializing in real-action melodramas like Runway and First Love Loss Time. Catalonia residents will be able to enjoy the film also in Catalan; in all Spain it will be broadcast, depending on the cinema, in Castilian, Catalan O Japanese.

What is Josee, the tiger and the fish about: official synopsis

What starts out as a chance meeting between a college student who pursues his dreams and a girl in a wheelchair who doesn’t dare to dream will take a radical turn as soon as their eyes meet. “Josee is a girl who has been in a wheelchair since childhood and lives in her own world of paintings, books and imagination. One day, he falls down a slope and only Tsuneo’s timely appearance prevents him from crashing to the ground. Tsuneo studies marine biology with the dream of one day seeing a ghost fish that lives only in Mexico.

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Josee, the tiger and the fish went nominated by the Japanese Academy for Best Animated Film 2020. Different specialized media describe it as “phenomenal” (But Why Tho?), “A charming and shamelessly melodramatic anime” (ScreenDaily).

Source | Press communication; more information: Select Vision


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