The fire potential of a new hybrid combat robot is tested in the US (VIDEO)

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The American aerospace and defense corporation Northrop Grumman has published on YouTube the tests of its new robotic combat platform EMAV-MCA, (Medium Caliber Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Weapons Vehicle), reports Defense Blog.

During the fire tests of the new combat robot, the EMAV-MCA vehicle showed the potential of its main gun, an XM813 Bushmaster, with which it pierced a steel plate with subcalibrated 30 by 173 mm ammunition. In addition, the EMAV-MCA arsenal includes air detonation ammunition.

The robotic platform weighs more than 3,000 kilograms and can carry up to 3,250 kilograms of payload at a maximum speed of 72 km / h. Thanks to the tracked chassis, the robot can scale slopes and climb steps up to 61 centimeters high. In addition, the hybrid powertrain gives you very stealthy movement capabilities.

The narrow hull of the vehicle was designed to ensure that it is transportable on the V-22 convertiplane and CH-47 Chinook heavy transport helicopters.

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