The first image of the hero Moon Knight leaked

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The Serie Moon Knight is in the middle of filming and in this way you can already access content from the program starring Oscar Isaac in the skin of Marc Spector, a former CIA agent and mercenary who is betrayed and thanks to the Egyptian god of the moon becomes the avatar of the deity Khonshu on Earth, a hero who gains his powers from the planet’s natural satellite.

A leak of the production allowed many users of social networks to access an image of the character with his white suit and eyes in the best style Deadpool. While the layer is not present in the photo, some speculate that it will be added via CGI. The hero has a look straight out of the pages of paper!

Moon Knight revealed?

Moon Knight It will have a look very similar to its counterpart in the graphic novels with a white outfit and a unique fabric that allows you to see the character’s logo with some difficulty. Oscar Isaac makes its debut in the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a role of which much is still not known.

Disney+ is the streaming platform where the hero will make his debut with his own series. Fans are eager to see Isaac in the role. The actor is no stranger to big franchises: he worked in Star Wars What Poe Dameron and went Apocalypse in X-Men. Now you have the chance to star in a project with your name at the top.

Directed by Mohamed Diab, Moon Knight is the story of a complex hero who has a dissociative personality disorder that shows different people taking charge of the fate of the powerful moon knight throughout his career as a vigilante in which he tirelessly fights crime. Interesting!

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