The first Metal Gear Solid and Hideo Kojima continue to surprise fans: have you seen the new secret of the PSX game yet?

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Hideo Kojima’s games always They come loaded with Easter eggs, secrets, curiosities and true madness that break the fourth wall with ease. One of these most remembered eccentricities occurred in the first Metal Gear Solid (for the first PlayStation). Or more specifically in the confrontation with Psycho Mantis.

En este, Kojima left us completely frozen with things like the villain’s ability to read our Memory Cards, to move the Dual Shock with its “psychic powers”, or with one of the ways in which we could end it: changing the control to port 2 so that it could not read our movements. Well, 23 years later, a fan just discover a new game secret that uses that same idea.

As they comment from DND, It was the YouTuber Bad Humans who posted a video in which he reveals the secret to us. This occurs in one of the most important moments of the game, in that final action scene in which we star in a getaway with the mythical jeep.

As you can see yourselves in the video, if we change command to the second port after the first wave of soldiers, it will be possible to control them. A real madness that no one had discovered to this day.

Watching the video, with the soldiers walking through walls or the jeep itself with the body It cannot be ruled out that it is an error. However, and knowing the way Kojima works, also it was likely intentionally put there.

Be that as it may, there will still be try to change the port controller in more sections of the game. We won’t find out about another “Kojimada” in 23 years. And speaking of the creator of MGS, this has confirmed this week that it is already working on two new titles.

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