The first one infected in Chile with the Delta variant of the coronavirus violates the quarantine to attend her father’s funeral

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The health authorities of the Maule region, in Chile, confirmed that a woman, the first to become infected with the Delta variant of the coronavirus in that country, broke his quarantine to attend his father’s funeral, reported the portal Biobio.

According to the information provided by the Regional Ministerial Secretariat (Seremi) of Maule, a health summary for the whole family of the 43-year-old woman, who on June 4 arrived in Chile from the US, infected with this variant of covid-19.

After testing positive in a PCR analysis carried out at the airport, the ‘zero patient’ was isolated in a health residence in Santiago, the capital of the country. There He received the results of a new test that was negative, despite which he had to remain in confinement.

However, due to the death of her father, the patient was authorized to go to her home, in the commune of San Javier, to continue the quarantine there. He was not authorized to attend the wake.

This Wednesday, the head of the Seremi del Maule confirmed that the woman missed the engagement and attended the funeral of his father, along with his entire family, thus disrespecting the sanitary regulations for his case.

According to local authorities, in the last hours numerous tests were carried out in the town, and so far no one has tested positive for the Delta.

Last Monday, the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, confirmed that a new case of contagion of this variant has been detected, so the country already has a second patient infected with one of the most contagious viruses in the world.

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