The first Russian-produced electric aircraft takes flight at the MAKS 2021 show

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The first electric aircraft of Russian production, manufactured on the basis of a flying laboratory applied to a Yak-40, performed this Saturday its first test flight within the framework of the MAKS 2021 aerospace show, which takes place in the city of Zhukovski (Moscow province), report RIA Novosti.

“The Yak-40, equipped with a hybrid propulsion system – based on a gas turbine engine and a superconducting electric motor – has just completed a demonstration flight in the MAKS-2021 air show. During the flight, the plane turned on the electric propulsion system“they confirmed in the press office of the Foundation for Advanced Research.

The superconducting motor is part of a hybrid system with auxiliary motorsone electric and one gas turbine, supplemented by two turbojets that were used in the original Soviet aircraft. Furthermore, it comprises batteries, a turboprop engine and an electric generator.

The innovative electric motor, which has a capacity of 500 kW (679 HP), was created by the Russian technology company SuperOx and specialists from the Central Baránov Institute for Aviation Engines Development and the Technical University of Aviation of the city of Ufa.

A propeller is mounted on the nose of the aircraft that is started by means of the electric propeller (incorporated in the hybrid engine system) in which the specialists implemented the high superconductivity technology and cryogenic cooling. This, in turn, ensures that the electric thruster, which is still being tested in the flying laboratory, enters a 5 and 20% cheaper.

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