The first The Witcher was "a miracle"say former CDPR

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The success of The Witchter 3: Wild Hunt has been built on a previous foundation. CD Projekt RED wasn’t always the huge studio it is today. In fact, when it acquired the rights to the Geralt series, it was still a small independent developer. Adapting the literary saga in the first game was not easy, to the point that former employees they consider it a miracle. In an interview with The Gamer, Artur Ganszyniec and Maciej Szcześnik, former chief narrative designer and former lead designer, respectively, exchanged some opinions on the subject.

“In a way, the first Witcher was a miracle,” explains Ganszyniec. “It was designed and developed by a group of enthusiastic amateurs” who drank “energy drinks” and they had “anxiety”. According to the developer, “for most of the production” they had no idea if what they were doing “was even playable.” And he adds: “We had doubts that the game was good. Only when we present the playable demo to the press and receive good feedback we realized that there was hope and that we could do something unique ”.

At the time, he says, the rest of the product was complete chaos. “The pressure to make the full game at least as good as the demo it was almost unbearable”. Szcześnik also comments on an anecdote: “Do you remember I said that we do not hesitate to add new things at the last minute? I remember we were showing the demo at E3 2005. Every now and then the game would freeze when the camera focused on the water. We weren’t able to figure out why and we had to take that demo with us. Downloading a new version was not on the table due to the speed of the Internet connection, so we practiced a lot with the demo at the hotel to learn how to play without showing the water ”.

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Why was the demo crashing?

In the end, they investigated the matter and realized that one of the 3D artists had modified the modeling of a fish at the lake and had forgotten to send the material to the server. “This adequately represents our mindset throughout development.” For Ganszyniec, the success came because they were “too inexperienced to perceive” that what they were trying to do “was impossible. “With the next two games the team lost that innocence, so it got more and more difficult.”

The Witcher is available on PC in its enhanced version. Right now, Saber Interactive is working on adapting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to next-gen machines. The free update will be available in 2022.

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