The five most striking details of the Encanto trailer

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Disney’s Colombian story has just released its first preview and it’s already giving us a lot to talk about.

Today, July 8, the new Trailer of Charm, the next Disney movie that will be based on all the culture of Colombia.

The first images are full of color and a lot of biodiversity, where you can see all kinds of animals and flora that we know will melt our hearts on the day of its premiere. In addition, it will have a whole cast of characters that are quite striking and full of magic.

That’s right, as you read, this story will be full of magic and that’s where its name comes from (with a bit of a double meaning) since it will tell the story of the Madrigal family, who have special abilities except for one of them, the young Maribel.

There, she must go on a journey to see how to be the salvation of her family as they face an unknown challenge. There is no doubt that it will be one of those stories that already have a place in our hearts!

For that reason, we wanted to collect the five most striking details of this trailer and that will help you wait until the big premiere arrives. Click on the video above to watch them.

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