The Flash Concept Art Reveals Alternate Suit Design for The Flash

By: Dan Cooper

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The Flash Concept Art Reveals Alternate Suit Design for The Flash

The Flash film starring Ezra Miller, was the most recent live-action adaptation of the infamous Scarlet Speedster, meaning it was also the latest Flash costume design that had been on-screen. After receiving his suit as a gift from Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen sports a rather interesting take on the speedster’s suit.

Departing from the rather original suit design that was featured in the Justice League film, this Flash suit worn by Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is a newer take on what had previously been worn by them.

Now, unused concept art for the main Barry Allen’s Flash suit in the film has been released by concept artist Jerad S. Marantz, showcasing a Flash suit which looks as if it has taken inspiration from previous suit-adaptations.

This interpretation of The Flash suit is dazzling in gold all throughout, which becomes most prominent around the arms and belt area. An extremely comic-accurate touch.

The Flash chest-emblem is larger, and the backdrop where the iconic lightning bolt rests is a more accurate shade of white. The red color is another change, as this time the suit contains both a dark and bright shade of red which makes it pop-out more aesthetically, when comparing the singular shade of red the final suit in the film had.

Lastly, the cowl has been perfected, as its shape clearly indicates it would have fit Ezra Miller’s head more comfortably. The earpieces are smaller, and reminiscent of The Flash suit from Justice League, which the overall cowl looks to be a copy of in some aspects.

This version of The Flash suit looks to have drawn inspiration from The Justice League suit, The Injustice 2 Flash suit, and Grant Gustin’s The Flash suit.

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