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The Flash: director Andy Muschietti teases the fusion between Flash and Keaton’s Batman

Filming The Flash continues after numerous leaks of exterior scenes with the first glimpses of the Batman from Ben Affleck and his new Batmoto or the new suit of Barry Allen/Flash. Now, it is the director of the film himself, Andy Muschietti, who shares a new photograph of the logo of one of the film’s protagonists, as he did in the past with Michael Keaton’s Batman, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl or the Flash himself. Although now the image is even more enigmatic, since it shows the armor and the Batman Returns logo. painted red with the Flash logo about her.

New look at the protagonists of The Flash

For now we only have this new image from the hand of Andy Muschietti himself, which raises more questions than answers among fans; so much so, that the director has published the image without any description, which has raised the first theories.

Let’s remember that in The Flash we will see the DC multiverse and how Barry Allen travels through different Earths trying to save his mother. In these trips he will meet new superheroes, such as the aforementioned Michael Keaton in Batman o la Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Maybe he needs Flash from Batman’s armor to perform some action? Do you inherit it for any reason and make it yours with your colors? Or is it something darker and more unsettling?

In the comics we have also seen a evil fusion of Flash and Batman with Red Death, although perhaps it would be too far-fetched an explanation. Does this image represent a preview of a reveal of the film or is it just a nod from the director to the fans? Be that as it may, we will have to wait for the premiere of the film on November 4, 2022 to answer this and many other questions.

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