The Flash: first look at Flash’s suit in leaked video and filming stopped due to accident

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New footage arrives from the outdoor filming of The Flash in the United Kingdom. So much so, that after the first glimpses of the double action of the Ben Affleck in Batman and your new Batmoto, now comes a video filtered out with a first look at the flash costume of Ezra Miller, a short clip in which we see the actor, apparently preparing for one of his usual supersonic races. Along with these new images come new photographs of Batman and his imposing mount, in addition to the news that filming has been paralyzed by the camera accident with said motorcycle.

Premiere on November 4, 2022

Thus, as explained from GlasgowLive, a production cameraman driving his own motorcycle has collided with the Batmoto for its rear part; According to witnesses, the technician ended up under Batman’s motorcycle and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. For now there is no news about the health condition of the camera; therefore, production has been temporarily detained until you hear from your employee.

On the other hand, comes a new leaked video of the Flash himself, already with his new suit, although apparently it would be a half real and half CGI outfit, since we see the actor with a kind of white armor on which details would be added in post-production. Their new boots.

Along with the ephemeral video of Flash, more outdoor photographs arrive with the batman double of Ben Affleck and the new Batmoto in chases through the streets of Glasgow, a series of new better quality photographs in which we can better observe both the Bat Man’s suit and his new protection plates like your new colossal motorcycle.

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The Flash is scheduled to premiere in theaters on November 4, 2022 and promises to turn the DCEU upside down, with the already confirmed appearance of the Michael Keaton in Batman or the new Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

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