The Flash: Leaked Making of Video with New Concept Art and Story Details

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The Flash, one of the most anticipated films of DC which is currently in the middle of filming, has suffered a very noticeable leak of sensitive material in the last hours; and it is that without knowing very well where it came from, appeared an unpublished style video on the internet making of with declarations of Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / Flash) and the director Andy Muschietti, along with a series of conceptual arts never seen before and that let us see much more than what awaits us in this adaptation of Flashpoint.

First details of the history of The Flash

Along with all this audiovisual material that you can see below, a first synopsis of Ezra Miller’s voice, which explains the Flash’s motivations and new powers that he is capable of developing: “Flash is unique in the Justice League. He is the first quantum superhero because he is aware of how pitch, speed, and speed determine the makeup of reality. What I love about Flash is that, theoretically, he only has one power, which is his speed. That single factor, when taken to the extreme, becomes a lot of powers: can make a tornado, run through water, travel through time … There are multiple Batmans, Batsmen? There is more than one Batman”Says Ezra Miller.

Moving on to the brief glimpses we have of the new conceptual arts from The Flash, we can see the Michael Keaton in Batman with his Original Batmobile, including various logos of Spoiler Alert that cover a particular character; Who will it be? On the other hand, we see new arts of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl with Flash, Keaton’s Batman and the mysterious character. In addition, the new Flash outfit and his yellow boots.

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The Flash will hit theaters around the world on November 4, 2022.

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