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“The Flash” Premiere: Celebrating with the Argentine Brothers in Charge

The Flash: A Long and Complicated Journey to the Big Screen

The highly anticipated film, The Flash, is set to release on June 16 in the United States, and it has been one of the most protected films in history. The big studios have taken extra precautions to prevent the revelation of spoilers, but the first film production about the speedy Marvel superhero has faced particularly complicated circumstances.

Despite attempts to make a film about the character nearly two decades ago, the current project with Ezra Miller on board has been subject to countless modifications since its announcement in 2014. It underwent changes in scriptwriters and was considered by various directors before ending up in Andy Muschietti’s hands.

However, the entanglements did not end there. Miller, who has played the character in previous films, was involved in a maelstrom of lack of control in 2022 that made headlines, which was apparently due to considerable mental disorders. This represented a new headache for Warner Bros. executives, who ultimately decided to keep the release plans but opted to remove the actor from interview schedules.

To avoid leaks of the story details and twists, the studio offered advance screenings that omit certain sequences or offer apparently different versions of the ending seen in commercial theaters. Although not seen yet, it is already known that Miller will play two versions of Barry Allen/ The Flash, and there will be two Batmans played by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, respectively. Several ‘cameos’ played by Gal Gadot and Nicolas Cage, among other performers, will also be presented.

The above instances lead to Andy Muschietti, an Argentine filmmaker who became known with his first feature film, “Mama” (2013), a successful supernatural horror story in which the famed Guillermo del Toro served as executive director. Muschietti joins forces with his sister, Barbara, to direct and produce, respectively, “The Flash”. It is a work of enormous ambition, and critics who have seen it have been mostly positive.

In a recent interview that they offered to the Los Angeles Times in Spanish, the two Argentine brothers offer their version of the facts. They both seem excited about the imminent release of the film, which went through an extremely complicated path to reach theaters.

During their interview, Andy expresses how “there is an imprint of Batman in my life that is very strong,” and getting to a point where he could direct and handle the storytelling of such characters is a great achievement.

The film has Latino elements, and Maribel Verdú plays an important role as the main character’s mother. The actress who plays Supergirl, Sasha Calle, is of Colombian descent.

Ezra Miller’s impressive portrayal of two equally complicated roles did not come easy. He shot for 138 days and prepared for the film for six months. Muschietti believed in creating a strong emotional core, which led him to cast Maribel Verdú. She transmits emotions with warmth and closeness, which is typical of Hispanic cultures.

In the end, despite the numerous challenges and obstacles, the team has created a film that they believe in, the studio believes in, and the fans believe in.

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