The flight trap divides the Government: who is the unexpected ally of the restrictions

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Only 600 people per day can arrive in the country from abroad (Photo: EFE – Juan Ignacio Roncoroni).

The stocks on the arrival of travelers from abroad divides the waters in the Government. One sector supports the measure by stating that it helps combat the dreaded Delta variant of coronavirus, and fear for one third wave of contagions. While Another group of officials speculates on how these measures may have an impact on legislative elections.

In the Cabinet the arm wrestling is between the Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti Y the considered “Political wing” of the government. The official states that the need for these limitations goes through health issues. He has the support of his peers in the Province Daniel Gollan and the city of Buenos Aires Fernan Quirós. Another group of officials looks with concern at the new quota cut and believes that it will translate into a negative impact for the ruling party at the polls.

The cut in the passenger quota has a surprise ally: the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman. The official welcomes the discouragement of trips abroad, which demand dollars, given the government’s decision to maintain restrictions on the purchase of dollars and to take care of reserves.

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Beyond the arguments, fights and internal differences, the measure is going to be maintained. At least until next July 9, the date on which the end of the validity of these limitations is scheduled. On the other hand, the Government summoned the International Air Transport Association (IATA), after the harsh criticism of the organization to the restrictions.

The government’s position

The Executive remains firm in its position and raises the bet: in fact the head of the National Directorate of Migration Florence Carignano He denied that there are 45,000 Argentines stranded abroad due to the restrictions. He expressed in a statement that the figure arises from the sum of “of the accumulated outputs of the last four months ”.

He affirmed that it is about “45 thousand Argentines who they declared to go out for tourism “ in the last four months, although the same document states that more than 44 thousand people left the country between May 28 and June 28. 60% did it for tourism, 14% for residence reasons and 15% for work. The remaining percentage is divided between moving and study.

Carignano expressed that according to the data of the organization that heads some 26 thousand Argentines left the country in the last month for tourist purposes. He said that “there is a percentage of them who must reschedule his return from the new entry provisions and that could imply, depending on the case, any delay ”. He stated that in his consideration “it is not a situation at all comparable to being stranded.”

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