The foldable Google Pixel could arrive this year


Foldable phones are the present in the world of telephony, but we have yet to see many developments in this field. The different manufacturers strive to launch their proposals as soon as possible and the good thing is that there are more and more willing to get theirs. But users want to see them now and one of them could arrive this same year with the arrival of Google’s Pixel Fold.

Google also prepares its own phone

Making a folding phone is the most expensive for all the materials they need. Technology is the most cutting-edge right now, but that does not mean that some dare with theirs. If we focus on the case of Google, the company has already shown us how capable it is when it comes to presenting a mobile phone and now it seems that it wants to give a twist to its plans.

And it is that while the transition is waiting logic from Pixel 5 to 6It seems that there is another project underway, such as the creation of a foldable Pixel. This is what many point out, and not only that, but the phone will arrive this year. Yes, there are those who say in this same 2021 Google will present its own folding phone with a design that we have already seen in other companies.

At least that is what we have also seen in recent renders, where everything indicates that we will see a device with a front screen with the typical frames of the firm, another folding screen inside and a rear part that would honor what was seen. so far in the Pixel series.

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But the thing to keep in mind is that these are predictions and many are already releasing them. Some such as Ross Young, who is an expert in screen development, suggests that we will see the Pixel Fold this year, but the Mountain View firm has not yet said anything about it.

If the Fold arrives, goodbye to a larger version?

The Google Pixel has come with several versions, including an XL version. But this time we may not see an extra version of the terminal. We will have to wait to know the plans of the Mountain View for the future, one that we will see in the month of October approximately.


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