The football of Sociable Soccer, successor to Sensible Soccer, already has a date on consoles and PC

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Sociable Soccer, the arcade soccer game developed by the creator of Sensible Soccer, Jon Hare, will reach PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 y Nintendo Switch the next April 17, 2022. A distribution agreement with the publisher specialized in independent video games Kiss has confirmed the information.

As collected VGC, in statements of the co-founder and CEO of Kiss, Darryl Still: “Our target date is April 17, 2022”, although he acknowledges that the main version is the computer version. Except for surprise, the console versions will also arrive on the indicated date; all under the name of Sociable Soccer ‘22.

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 by Combo Braker, the Sensible Soccer team, Tower Studios, managed to reach an agreement with Rogue Games to distribute the title on Apple Arcade in November 2019. They will now complete their wish upon arrival. to the most massive market and it will be “the complete vision of everything we want to do”. As they are rushing so much to get to the indicated date, they warn that some features will be added later.

Sociable Soccer ’21, an update with many new features

Sociable Soccer, by Tower Studios and Rogue Games, is currently available on Apple Arcade, Apple’s on-demand video game service by subscription on iOS and Mac devices. Its gameplay respects the mechanics and command style of the arcade of the years. ninety; a spiritual successor to the long-remembered Sensible Soccer.

The current version available in Apple Arcade, Sociable Soccer ’21, is defined as an experience for all audiences, intuitive controls and adapted to be controlled by touch commands. It is possible to play in online or offline mode, against artificial intelligence or against friends through its multiplayer modes.

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One of its updates included new features such as new types of referees, new HUD, tournaments, collectible trophies, redesigned menus, improved artificial intelligence and a chat system. in-game to talk to other players by sending emoji. Hopefully all of these features (version 2.5.7) will be present in Sociable Soccer ’22 for consoles next year. Judging by the title of Apple Arcade, it is translated into Spanish.

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