The former Batman partner that few know and has a terrible secret

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Batman it had many partners throughout its long history in the different available media: cinema, series and graphic novels. The names of the women who shared a romantic relationship with the Dark Knight include: Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Vicki Vale y Talia Al Ghul, among others fortunate to conquer the heart of Bruce Wayne.

Of course, none of them managed to get the millionaire protector of Gotham to abandon his alter ego with which he goes out to fight crime during long nights. But one of the women who managed to get Bruce’s attention during his early years as Batman It made him doubt his continuity as the hero. Even with the terrible secret she kept.

Batman’s girlfriend who hides a secret

All this happens in the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, one of the bat’s most critically acclaimed installments. Kevin Conroy lends his voice to the hero while Mark Hamill does the same with the Joker. Who is the young woman who falls in love with the Dark Knight? Her name is Andrea Beamount and she is characterized by Dana Delany.

The truth is that Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham and meets Andrea, with whom he falls in love and proposes to her. They had had a romantic history in the past and apparently the millionaire would be reciprocated. However, a terrible secret meant that the couple never made it to the altar. It all has to do with the Beamount family’s past.

Andrea’s father is killed by the mob and she decides to become the cruel vigilante known as Ghost. This character murders criminals and has on his target list the very same Joker. His path intersects with that of Batman, but little does Bruce Wayne know that behind that disguise is his beloved. She seeks revenge in the most violent way!

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So, during an encounter with him Joker, Batman find out that Andrea is the Ghost and he reproaches him that revenge is not a path he must travel. She does not show a change in attitude and the hero decides to go after the psychopathic clown before he escapes, Andrea will not allow it and the chase ends with her and the Clown Prince of Crime falling into the void. Alfred comforts Bruce while Andrea escapes to a new life as shown in the tape. A sad ending for the Dark Knight!

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