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The fortune that Penn Badgley made thanks to You, the most watched on Netflix

Penn Badgley rose to popularity thanks to his participation in the renowned youth strip Gossip Girl, where he gave life to Daniel Humphrey, a young man who tangled with the richest caste in New York to live romances and all kinds of stories with those characters. Since then, the actor’s career took a phenomenal leap thanks to another leading role that we can already highlight as iconic: Joe Goldberg, the killer of the series You from Netflix.

The interpreter’s career is extensive with participation in series such as Will and Grace, Daddio, The Brothers of Garcia y What I Like About You. His first important role was in The Young and the Restless as Phillip Chancellor from 2000 to 2001. All of these jobs are the preamble to the leading roles that made a significant financial difference in Penn’s life.

The Penn Badgley fortune

Much of the money you made Penn Badgley in his life comes from participating in more than 40 shows and movies among which are John Tucker Must Die, The Fluffer, Debating Robert Lee, Drive-Thru, The Nightmare Room, The Twilight Zone y Forever Strong. The first main roles in the professional life of the actor were in Do-Over, The Mountain y The Bedford Diaries, jobs that meant good wages.

The truth is that the high points in the career of Penn Badgley son Gossip Girl and the disturbing series You, which introduced the serial killer Joe Goldberg, a character who develops toxic obsessions with different women and does not hesitate to murder anyone to achieve what his wishes indicate.

So what is the young actor’s heritage? In his long professional life he achieved a fortune of between 8 and 10 million dollars. Well done Penn! He is still far from the money his partner earned from Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, who has a net worth of $ 60 million. However, the success of You which is currently in its third season, will surely help the actor to discount the difference with his former partner.

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