The funds of the Spanish Stock Market beat the Ibex 35: their average profitability triples that of the selective

The investment funds from Bag Spanish reached a cost effectiveness Average of 9.25% between January and November, according to data from the Inverco employers’ association, with which they manage to comfortably beat the Ibex 35, which in the same period registered a rise of 3%, highly penalized by the new variant of coronavirus. Some of the standalone products that follow a value investing philosophy remain among the most profitable.

The average profitability of investment funds, with one month remaining until the end of 2021, is 6.09%, with almost all of the categories in which they are divided into positive, except those of debt of longer duration. The highest returns are those of vehicles focused on pure equities internationally.

The appearance of omicron both national and international, although the benchmark index of the Spanish stock market closed the eleventh month of the year with a decrease of 8.31%, thus leading the falls in all markets compared to the rest of European countries, canceling out of this way the excellent returns accumulated during the year. However, returns are still close to 3% both in the accumulated of the year and in its interannual variation.

The most profitable

The Horos Value Iberia reaches this point of the year as the best among the funds of the Spanish stock market, since its profitability is close to 23%. Launched in May 2018 and managed by Javier Ruiz and Alejandro Martín, its portfolio includes securities such as Iberpapel and Merlin Properties, in addition to the Portuguese semapa, a holding consisting of the Navigator paper mill, a cement company and an animal waste treatment company and Sonae, another conglomerate that includes brands like Worten. In addition, it has an important position in the other fund of the manager, the Horos Value Internacional.

Semapa is also one of the most important bets of Cobas Iberia, the fund with a bias towards the Spanish Stock Exchange of Francisco García Paramés. Among the values ​​with the greatest weight are also Atalaya Mining, which is the company that manages the Río Tinto mine, Vocento, Gathered Techniques and Miquel and Costas. Its profitability reaches 19.5%.

In the third position is the March International Iberia, which after a strong start to the year improves once again in profitability, which now stands at around 18.5%. Managed by Antonio López and Francisco Javier Pérez, highlights the weight that Arima it has in the fund, as it represents 7.11% of the portfolio. The office Socimi listed on the continuous market is followed by BBVA, Bankinter, Iberdrola and eDreams.

A return similar to that of the fund manager of Banca March registers the Caixabank Dividend Spain Portfolio. The manager of the entity of Catalan origin “plays” the remuneration to the shareholder in Spain with values ​​such as Iberdrola, Santander Bank, Inditex O Cellnex.

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