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The Future of ChatGPT at Risk in Europe

ChatGPT Revolutionizes Multiple Sectors

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence project that has revolutionized various sectors. While the maintenance cost of this project is colossal, the opportunities it offers are impressive. However, the future of ChatGPT in Europe is in jeopardy. The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has recently warned that the company may shut down ChatGPT in Europe in response to the AI ​​regulation that the EU is developing.

EU’s AI Law

The EU is currently finalizing its AI Law, which includes new obligations for manufacturers of “basic models.” Basic models are large-scale artificial intelligence systems that power services like ChatGPT and DALL-E. Altman has made it clear that ChatGPT could shut down its service in Europe if they cannot comply with the regulations imposed by the AI ​​Law. ChatGPT is concerned that it will be considered a high-risk AI according to the new EU legislation. This leads to a series of security and transparency requirements that the CEO of OpenAI is not clear they can meet.

Disclosure of System Design

In the current draft of the AI ​​Law, creators of basic models must disclose their entire system design, including “required computing power, training time, and other relevant information related to the size and power of the model,” as well as offering “summaries of the data copyrighted content” with the content they use. This last point is highly contentious because forcing OpenAI to identify copyrighted content it has used to train its AI could lead to potential lawsuits. This data-sharing also exposes companies to legal challenges.

Keeping Information Secret

Initially, OpenAI provided this information, but as the project grew, the value increased on a commercial level, so they stopped offering this information. OpenAI has faced lawsuits for using copyrighted data to train its AI. They have realized that sharing information like this results in millions in losses for OpenAI.

Uncertain Future

At the moment, it is unclear whether ChatGPT will shut down in Europe. Its future is uncertain until the EU publishes its new AI Law. Companies like OpenAI need to be able to protect their IP while also complying with regulations. If the EU cannot find a balance between these two, we might see more companies shutting down their operations in Europe.

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