The Galaxy Watch 4 and Buds 2 release a version inspired by Kitsuné Maison

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Samsung has had its new event in which there have been no big surprises beyond new versions of its devices. Two of them have been Galaxy Watch 4 and Buds 2, which if you do not know them are the watch and smart headphones of the Korean firm, which will have a design inspired by la firma francesa de moda Maison Kitsuné.

The new special accessories of the Samsung Galaxy family

Having a headset and a smartwatch is something that almost all users have to complete their experience. Some only have one of these elements, but it is a fact that companies have an ecosystem of devices that are sometimes better to use from the same brand.

If we take a look at Samsung we find a collection of devices that honor collections that correspond to the latest in fashion and design. Sometimes they have big name brands like we have seen on other occasions with Adidas when they brought out their original Buds Stan Smit. In fact, the headphones have had a special makeover this year.

And it is that the company has presented today in its special Unpacked its new versions of Los Galaxy Watch 4 and Buds 2 Maison Kitsuné. You may not know this brand, but it is a French clothing firm that also has its own cafe distributed in countries such as France, South Korea and Japan. In fact, it is no coincidence, since the name of the brand is a fusion of the names Maison, which means house in French, and Kitsuné, which is the way you say fox in Japanese.

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With regard to the new Samsung line, we find the same devices with the same characteristics with which they arrived on the market. The big difference is found in a very exclusive renewed design made by the brand. In the case of Galaxy Watch 4 we have two designer straps with the brand name in freehand style and a simpler one with the company’s fox logo. Of course, you will have several crowns to choose from exclusive to the version.

In the case of Buds 2, we see that the box that keeps them shows the brand name and inside the fox logo in a pearl color. But the thing does not end there, and this version is accompanied by an extra green case with the head of a fox embroidered.


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