The Game Awards 2021, how much time did you dedicate to the awards ceremony?

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The Game Awards 2021 gathered millions of viewers during the early hours of December 9-10. It was then that the gala presented by Geoff Keighley It offered dozens of announcements, including world firsts, and also served as the awards ceremony that underpin the nature of this ceremony: to celebrate the excellence of video games this year. But nevertheless, only 17.2% of the duration of the gala was dedicated to awards.

The award ceremony of 17% of the gala of The Game Awards 2021

As calculated by Lawrence Sonntag, founding member of Inside Gaming, this year’s edition of The Game Awards dedicated a total of 38 minutes to the awards ceremony; in fact, many of them were awarded in batches of three or four awards, one after the other. The broadcast had a total duration of approximately three and a half hours.

With these data, The Game Awards reaffirms its status as an advertisement gala with awards ceremonies in between, in that order. The reality is that the event has established itself as one of the key points of the season in terms of revelations, surprises and anticipation. Very few publishers miss this appointment; while more and more world premieres are being reserved for a moment like this, in which tens of millions of people follow these awards live.

The Game Awards 2020 gathered 83 million viewers

In the absence of knowing the exact audience for the 2021 edition, we do know that The Game Awards 2020 was a resounding success, with historical audience records. With 83 million viewers and a peak of 8.3 million concurrently connected users, the growth of TGA 2020 was 83% compared to 2019. All companies want to be part of the event.

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The Game Awards 2021 had several proper names. On the one hand, It Takes Two as Game of the Year (GOTY), with a total of three awards. On the other, Forza Horizon 5, which also got three statuettes. The best direction fell into the hands of Arkane Lyon, responsible for Deathloop. Kena, meanwhile, was chosen as the best independent video game of the course that is now ending. You can check the full list of winners here.


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