The Game Awards: How to vote for the Player’s Voice award? Audience Game of the Year

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There are less than two days until The Game Awards 2021, the awards gala with the highest media coverage in the video game industry, begins. As every year, it will be then when we know the award winners of all categories; including Game of the Year or Game of the Year (GOTY), chosen by the specialized media (90%) and the public (10%). Nevertheless, there is a category that is exclusively chosen by the public, the call Player’s Voice, which in 2020 won Ghost of Tsushima. It is time to choose which is the GOTY from the public. We explain how to vote.

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How to vote in The Game Awards 2021 for the GOTY

The public vote in The Game Awards 2021 is divided into three rounds: December 2 (30 candidates of which we have to vote 10); December 5 (10 candidates from which we must vote 5) and December 7 (5 nominees from whom we must vote 1 game). Thus, until the night of this December 8 we are in time to participate in the last selection of 5 video games. The steps are very simple.

The games candidates for Game of the Year 2021 for the public (Player’s Voice) are Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, It Takes Two, Metroid Dread Y Resident Evil Village. We can only vote for one of them.

  1. First of all, we access the official website de The Game Awards.
  2. Now, we will see the voting dates on the screen. The last round consists of 5 nominees. We choose between one of them.
  3. Next, we log in with Twitter, Twitch, Facebook O Google to vote, save our voting progress and verify our data in order to validate our vote.
  4. At all times we can see the current status of the voting. The website indicates the terms use of data and privacy.
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Date and how to watch The Game Awards 2021 live

The Game Awards 2021 comenzará from 02:00 (CET) of this Friday, December 10; the night from Thursday to Friday. We are currently certain that 40-50 games will be shown during the broadcast, of which at least 10 announcements will be world firsts. One such announcement has been in the works for two and a half years. We can see the event live from the official Twitch channel of the TGA.

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