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The Game Receives Lap Dance From Rick Ross' Baby Mama Tia Kemp

The Game Receives Lap Dance From Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Tia Kemp

The Game got a surprising lap dance from Rick Ross’ child’s mother, Tia Kemp, on the debut episode of her new podcast Aunt-Tea.

On Sunday, July 7, the premiere episode of The Zeus Network’s new podcast Aunt-Tea aired, featuring cohosts Tia Kemp, Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold, and Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni.

In the inaugural episode, the ladies invited The Game as a guest. During a conversation, the topic of lap dances came up, leading to an unexpected turn. The Game playfully suggested he would give Tia a lap dance if she reciprocated. Tia then got up and mounted the Compton, California rapper, who is currently in a feud with Rick Ross.

“Bawse might get mad. But hey, dawg fine, man,” Tia commented while straddling Game.

“You know what’s crazy?” The Game responded as Tia danced on his lap. “You know what’s so attractive about you? It’s your attitude.”

Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ son William Roberts III, is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2008, she became involved in the 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef by allowing 50 Cent to take her on a shopping spree. Recently, she resurfaced, making headlines in June when she clapped back at Ross after he celebrated making his final child support payment. She also commented on a video showing the Miami rapper being attacked after a festival performance in Vancouver, Canada.

The Game, for his part, dissed Rick Ross on the song “Freeway’s Revenge” in May and has been continuously targeting Rozay since then. However, Rick Ross has chosen to ignore The Game’s provocations.

The video of Tia Kemp giving The Game a lap dance has sparked conversations and can be watched below.

Watch The Game Get a Lap Dance From Rick Ross’ Child’s Mother Tia Kemp

Source: The Zeus Network