The game that brings Diablo and Borderlands from the Shadow Warrior team together: Space Punks

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Jagex and Flying Wild Hog have announced Space Punks, a cartoon-style action RPG set in a bizarre sci-fi world.

The announcement came with a trailer that introduced the game’s four playable characters. The first is Duke, a handsome Star-Lord-like space traveler with a mini-gun. It includes three as-yet-unnamed friends, ‘Mad Person’, a pig-man with twin blasters, ‘Smart Person’, a kind of praying mantis-like alien that can sprint through enemies and drop bombs, and finally, a ‘Smart Person’ with spooky tentacles that can climb out of its back and stab enemies. ‘The Terrible One’, which is female, participates.

You can check out the special trailer below:

While the visual style immediately brings to mind Borderlands, the game is played from an isometric perspective and seems to share some common ground with games like Diablo and Path of Exile. Only difference; There are many more weapons. There seems to be an item picking system with brightly colored items included, and each character also seems to have a variety of abilities alongside melee and ranged weapons.

It seems that we are dealing with a co-op ARPG game with characters thrown in space. And apart from a website – – For now, that’s all we know. Jagex, the mind behind Runescape, took over the publishing role, while Flying Wild Hog is on the developer side. Polish developer too Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior It is known for its crazy first-person shooter games, especially. also Evil West’i also continues to develop.

Matt Purslow is a news writer at MRT.

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