The ghoulish details of Colonia Dignidad: sexual abuse and atrocities in the Pinochet regime – MAG.

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For 37 years, in the middle of a near-barren landscape of Chile, the Colonia Dignidad functioned. It is a community of expatriate Germans who had among their main pillars, devotion to God, being a model of work, solidarity and persistence. However, the history This sect resulted in countless cases of pedophilia, torture, sexual abuse, excessive power and death, all planned, orchestrated and supervised by Paul Schäfer, the charismatic leader whose portrait has been revealed and that occurred in the Augusto Pinochet regime.

The material has been directed by Christian Leighton, which collects countless archive images of the time, which are condensed with interviews and statements of the actors of that period, as well as the secret and dark life of its founder, a character who applied a regime, practically, medieval during the was from Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The history of Colonia Dignidad It dates back to 1961, when a group of Germans set up a community in Chile, in the middle of a remote place, where local people claimed that nothing was growing. LaundryWith an area of ​​137 square kilometers, it was more than 300 kilometers away from Santiago, which many thought would be another obstacle.

In the midst of such a hostile site, the Benefactor Society and Educational Dignity, where they dedicated themselves to constant work, without breaks, after which they managed to overcome adversity.

Over time, the site became popularly known as Colonia Dignidad, but with only 5 years of being founded, the first signs of the terror that was lived inside began.

Wolfang Müller, a teenager who escaped from the community and assured that abuse, violence and brainwashing were carried out inside him, but after the media exposure, the case ended up going unnoticed, even more so when it was allowed the entry of journalists to its facilities, in which the colony was shown as an exemplary place, everything very orderly, everything quite harmoniouswhile those in charge of testifying to the press men feigned horror and horror when asked about the “Assumptions” mistreatment.

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Wolfang was found and returned to the community where (years later it became known) he was beaten and subjected to various electroshock sessions for “mold” their conduct.

Although the testimonies against the Colonia began to accumulate, that the journalistic investigation was more insidious, nothing happened and shepherd He continued to command the community with an iron fist, which, for decades, his past was not investigated while he lived in Germany.

In fact, the promise of a better world, away from the pollution of the “modern world” led many to think, for a long time, that he was a good, noble, but strict fellow. true man of God, a fact that led to convince hundreds of Germans to move to the South American country.

shepherdWell, he was not just a man with a “benevolent” objective, because, as soon as he installed the Colony, it is known, he got connections with the elites who ruled Chile, to the point that his community functioned, in fact, as a Fully autonomous state within another.

In fact, this autonomy reached such a point that its inhabitants were cut off from the outside world. News, goods, ideas, fashions, outsiders, nothing entered, a rule that did not apply to their leaders, who rubbed shoulders with the upper classes, whose relationship was not only fluid but close, closeness that allowed them to go unpunished for decades.

Photos reveal children and people with blank looks, with grim, spare faces, as if they were automatons, with extremely rigid postures, none of them should look different from the rest. If someone is “Came out of the script” the punishment was always severe, to the point that others were convinced that what he said shepherd he was unquestionable, someone infallible.

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