The goal of going to the Moon in 2024 is “unrealistic”; NASA justifies the cost of new spacesuits

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NASA’s goal of traveling to the Moon in 2024 seems unrealistic, apparently. The financial audit team’s final review reveals that the agency’s next-generation spacesuits may not be ready for use by that date due to cost.

NASA has been developing new spacesuits for 14 years. The last financial audit that the institution was subjected to revealed that the targets could not be met due to reasons such as the decrease in funds due to COVID-19. NASA’s spacesuits, which were projected to cost $200 million in the first place, cost more when they’re ready. Space.comAccording to , it will exceed 1 billion dollars.

The statements in the audit report are as follows:

“NASA’s current plan is to produce two ready-to-fly xEMUs (short for Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Units, spacesuits) by November 2024, but that seems hard to come by for the agency. The target envisions a 20-month delay. Within that target, design, verification, suit testing, ISS Demo suit and 2 month suit.”

The report determines that these are due to financial and technical reasons, fueled by COVID-19. In short, NASA will not be able to go to the Moon in 2024.

According to the report, outfits will not be ready before April 2025.

The report includes the following statements:

“200 million d over 9 years for space suits in 2017We have announced that there has been an expenditure close to the same amount. However, there is still work to be done. Since our report in 2017, NASA has spent an additional $220 million, that is, 420 million was spent on the development of space suits. The institution wants to spend an additional $625.2 million. For this reason, 1 billion dollars will be spent towards the 2025 fiscal year.”

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When the news is like this, it does not seem possible for NASA to go to the moon in 2024. After all, astronauts cannot go to the Moon without the necessary equipment and clothing.

As points out, even if the suits are ready by April 2025, the earliest target date, the mission is not likely to happen immediately because astronauts must undergo training to adapt to the new suits and must be prepared with these suits.

By Wesley LeBlanc.

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