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The Good Doctor: Unknown Facts About Shaun Murphy That Make Him A Golden Lead

During the pandemic, the series of doctors took on much more relevance and one of them was The Good Doctor. Since its premiere in 2017, this medical drama broadcast on the BBC hooked thousands of fans, but its arrival on Amazon Prime was what increased its success. It is that, the role of Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy went to international fame being one of the favorites.

In The Good Doctor, Highmore brings to life this young surgeon with autism and sage syndrome who comes to work at San José St. Bonaventure Hospital much despite the wishes of his peers. The actor’s portrayal of this character received praise of all kinds, especially on his personal and professional growth.

The series, which already has four seasons available worldwide and will soon premiere the fifth, will continue to tell stories about Shaun and his environment. That is why, before the new episodes, from Spoiler we tell you unknown facts about this doctor who became a golden protagonist.

Unknown facts about Shaun Murphy that make him a golden protagonist:

1. You have brilliant skills:

Although Shaun Murphy’s brilliant abilities are publicly known, it should be noted that they are due to Savant Syndrome. Better known as the sage syndrome, this peculiarity causes people with autism to have a set of skills that surpass the average human.

Savant syndrome is characterized by presenting peculiar or impressive talents or abilities such as hypermnesia, hyperlexia and hypercalculia and different artistic expressions such as drawing, painting, sculpture and music“Said the psychologist Anna Badía Llobet on her blog.

Shaun is a brilliant doctor. Photo: (ABC)

2. Family problems:

During the first season, Shaun has memories about his family. His parents were physically and psychologically abusive to both him and his brother, something that made them run away from home.

However, when he arrives at a foster home after the death of his brother, his family was not much different. The mother was very distant with him, although also when they took him away after she fell ill he was really devastated.

3. Your current age:

In the first episode, Dr. Glassman assured that he has known Shaun for 14 years, so he fully trusts him. So much so that everything indicates that the character is around 26 years old, the right age to start a medical residency.

Shaun and Dr. Glassman.  Photo: (ABC)

Shaun and Dr. Glassman. Photo: (ABC)

4. Ease of Spanish:

Freddie Highmore has two degrees in Spanish and one in Arabic from the University of Cambridge. That is why, wasting this ability for the sage character he is playing would have been a waste. So much so that the production opted for this doctor to also be related to languages.

5. You don’t like questions:

This detail of his life was discovered when Claire was trying to connect with him. In order to know how he works, his roommate decides to approach him, but realizes, in the middle of a one-way conversation that Shaun only responds when she is not asking something. Moreover, it is the same protagonist who clarifies that he does not like questions.

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