The good luck story of a woman who won the lottery twice in the same day

The good luck story of a woman who won the lottery twice in the same day

You imagine? That you get a great prize of lottery it’s a long shot. That he touches you twice the same day is something that is close to the impossible. This is what has happened in USA, where a 64-year-old woman from Florida has become the center of attention after winning $ 4 million on October 2 with two tickets to the lottery. Here we tell you the whole story that has become a trend in social networks.

Susan Fitton has won the lottery twice on Saturday October 2 on the same day. In total, he has raised four million dollars. The woman, a resident of Boca Raton, southeast Florida, bought two tickets with the same numbers of the lottery Mega Millions Tuesday, September 14. What would you do with so much money? Well, here we tell you what formula he used.

The winning number combination has been 4, 13, 19, 63 and 64, and it has brought this 64-year-old American close to two million dollars per ticket. However, his luck could have been much higher. In case of having hit a sixth digit, known as Mega Ball, the prize would have been close to 33 million dollars for the winner.

The woman said that she bought the two tickets in a small establishment in the town of Boca Raton, and has claimed her prize six days after winning the lottery. For its part, the establishment will receive a commission of over $ 10,000 for selling the winning numbers.

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