The good things in 2021 | c’t uplink 41.1

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The pandemic is forcing the world to work from home and the uplink team is taking the opportunity to upgrade webcams and microphones. A look back at the year 2021 not only reveals which technology has made video conferences more bearable. It also shows how welcome more flexibility is in the workplace. The second year of the corona pandemic forced society into a major experiment: How much work works without the office, how much isolation can a nerd tolerate and which computer games can replace pub evenings together?

The good things in 2021 |  c’t uplink 41.1

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In addition to cooperative development games, we were entertained by phone calls combined with online party games. There were also lots of nice things the team could talk to alone: ​​for example charming retro games on a Chinese handheld console or the kit for a giant 3D printer. We were also fascinated by fantasy audio books, novels in space and a non-fiction book about time. Despite mostly closed cinemas, we also saw great films in 2021: The French Dispatch, Dune and the new Bond were popular.

We were particularly enthusiastic about series that can also be streamed contemplatively over the holidays. Sophia Zimmermann smiled at the true crime series “Only murders in the building”. The style of “Cowboy Bebop” reminded Achim Barczok pleasantly of the space western series “Firefly”. Pina Merkert raves about the animated steampunk fantasy “Arcane” with characters from the e-sports game League of Legends. Jan-Keno Janssen felt transported to Berlin in the 90s with “The Billion Dollar Code” and even discovered a fictional c’t cover in the background.

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Also present: Sophia Zimmermann, Jan-Keno Janssen, Achim Barczok and Pina Merkert.

The c’t 1/2022 is available at the kiosk, in Browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

On YouTube channel c’t 3003! learned keno the way he is hack into WLANs with Kali Linux can.

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