The Google Pixel 5a could arrive, but not for all markets

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One of the great doubts that has been in Mountain View has been the manufacture of the Google Pixel 5a. The company has accustomed us since version 3 to launch the new devices with numerical achievement with an additional one accompanied by an ‘a’. It is a mid-range version that is between one version and another with an interesting price. In the case of the new terminal of this family, eThe Pixel 5a will arrive at a good price but not for the general public.

Another year without Google Pixel a

This week Google has made an important display showing the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. It seems that the company has done more than ever to launch a device at the height of the great rivals in the market, to whom it sends a declaration of intent with the new Google Tensor processor. This chip will be released with the new avant-garde terminal and it seems that before these reach the market, the Pixel 5a will do so.

Yes, this device is believed to be canceled, but it seems that Mountain View will finally release it. However, not all markets will suffer the same fate in this regard, since everything indicates that the Google Pixel 5a will only stay in the United States and Japan. It is not the first time that the firm has made a decision like this on its mid-range phone, and it is that we have already experienced this phenomenon with the Pixel 4a.

A mid-range of 380 euros

There is no doubt that Google Pixel They are telephones that at the software level are the most competent on the market. Let’s take into account that they come from the house that Android develops, so we would be talking about a lighter and more efficient version of the operating system running on a device. But we have to talk about the characteristics of what would be the mid-range that is the Pixel 5a that will not arrive in Spain.

We will miss a screen of 6.4 inches extension and 90 Hz refresh rate in OLED format. On the other hand, I would mount a chip Snapdragon 765G that would bring the latest in wireless connection to your phone. The battery is another strong point with its 4.650 mAh, but what is striking is that its price touches 380 euros to the change, an interesting price for these characteristics if we talk about a mid-range phone.


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