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The Google Pixel 6 will bring the charger in its box

There are things that users expect from a smartphone when they buy it. Of course, if they buy one, it is because they know the features or simply out of necessity, but many expect in the box a series of accessories that are essential to make the device work. Of course you will need a cable to connect the terminal, but also a charger like the one Google will include with the Google Pixel 6.

Yes, the Google Pixel 6 will have a charger in the box

Last year Apple made an interesting move that caught everyone off guard. It turned out that the iPhone 12 would arrive in a smaller box than usual and all because a charger was not included inside as it did in the past. In its day, it was clarified that it was a measure in order to take care of the environment, reducing the cost of building cardboard packaging. This is not to mention that according to the accounts of the bitten apple there were 2 billion adapters in the world so it was not difficult to find one at home.

This meant that rival companies announced that their terminal did have a charger and now many wonder if this will happen in the future. And it is that today we have seen Google present the new Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and la doubt whether or not you bring the charger is important for a lots. During the conference, we saw how the package containing the terminal was opened and it was possible to see that once the phone was removed, several blocks appeared.

The one at the bottom is striking, where it was confirmed that the Google Pixel 6 did bring its own charger in the box with the cable. But for the most skeptical you didn’t have to go to company store to verify it.

When entering the terminal page you can see at the end of the whole that there is a section that says ‘the box contains’ and among its characteristics you can read: 1m USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 2.0), Quick Start Guide, Quick Switch Adapter, SIM Tool. Therefore, it is not only a charger to use, but the one that allows you to quickly charge your mobile. It only remains to wait for the company to confirm if Spain is among the countries that will receive a new phone from Mountain View.


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