The Government announced a monthly supplement for the family salary from October

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President Alberto Fernandez announced that the Anses will grant a monthly supplement for the family salary from October, within the framework of the package of electoral measures that the Government is working on to try to reverse the result of the PASO. The profit will reach 2.1 million Workers in dependency relationship, monotributistas (up to category D) and those who receive unemployment benefit.

It will reach employees who receive their family allowances for salaries of up to $ 115,000 per household, which correspond to ranks 1 and 2 of salaried employees in Argentina. For salaries of up to $ 78,000 it will go from $ 5063 to $ 10,126 per child; between $ 78,000 and $ 115,000 it will go from $ 3,415 to $ 6,830 per child.

The president advanced the announcement through his account of the social network Twitter, minutes before the head of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, to publicize the measure at a press conference.

“We know that the families of registered workers in Argentina they must improve their income. For this reason, we have decreed a monthly supplement for the family salary from October, ”Fernández wrote.

According to the data shared by the President, the benefit will reach “more than 2 million workers Argentines and more than 3 million children, girls and adolescents ”.

“We are clear about the problems and the urgencies. This plugin is about a progressive measure, that It will be paid month by month and that will be surpassed until the incomes of male and female workers regain their purchasing power. Governing is listening ”, completed the president.

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How the family salary supplement will be paid in October

Raverta reported that because the October payment schedule has already started, the supplement will be paid on a date yet to be designated and will be automatically deposited by the worker’s CBU, without the need for any additional procedures.

“Family allowances lost 20 points and this requires measures from a government that is committed to improving the quality of life,” said the head of the Anses before releasing the details of the announcement.

  • The benefit will reach workers in rdependency ratio, monotributistas (up to category D) and those who receive benefit for unemployment.
  • It is for workers who receive their family allowances for wages of up to $ 115,000 per family group, ranks 1 and 2 of salaried employees in Argentina.
  • It does not reach those who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) because – according to Raverta – “it already has another food supplement which is the Alimentar card”. “What we are doing now is taking care of these salaried workers and from October to supplement with a monthly supplement.”
  • Rank 1 workers, with salaries up to $ 78,000 they currently receive $ 5063 for each child and will go on to receive an amount of $ 10,126 per child. If one takes into account that Argentine families have an average of two children, the October contribution goes to more than $ 20,000.
  • For workers in tranches 2, that is, with income of between $ 78,000 and $ 115,000 it also doubles in October, and they will receive an additional $ 3415 going to receive $ 6830 per child.
  • It is a measure whose monthly investment is $ 14,000 million.
  • Measure it will be in effect until wages beat inflation. “This is month by month and we will progressively accompany until family allowances regain purchasing power. Until they have the purchasing power that they had again, ”said Raverta.
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“This measure has to do with what we came to do as a government. It has nothing to do with the electoral calendar but with the workers of Argentina living better ”, completed the head of the organization that will be in charge of the payment..

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