The Government tries to tone down the letter against Russia and Nicolini denied that the Sputnik V agreement will fall

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The presidential adviser is in charge of the negotiation for vaccines against COVID-19 (Photo: Twitter @cecilianicolini).

The presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini defended the strong orders to Russia for the late delivery of component 2 of the vaccine Sputnik V against him coronavirus. He warned that “many people wait for the second dose” to complete the immunization schedule. Explained that they shuffle “All alternatives”, which include the possibility of cancel the contract as stated in the letter he sent to Russia. He clarified that communication between the two countries is “constant”, that the relationship is “very good”, so he denied that the agreement is going to fall.

He ratified the veracity of the letter as he stated that “the content is true.” In an attempt to tone down the expressions in the document, he considered that “It is not a threat” the warning that the agreement could be terminated. He stated: “It is not a threat, it was seen in Europe with complaints to AstraZeneca for the delays. I would not put it in the framework of a threat, one has to defend the national interest ”.

He described the document as “one of the many notes with Russia, in addition to calls, WhatsApp messages, meetings and trips.” He explained that they maintain these communications both with that country and with the laboratories that manufacture other immunizations and that they will follow up on the claims so that the fulfillment of the contract can advance.

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He justified the warnings he sent to Anatoly Braverman, right hand of Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment: “We understand that there are many people waiting for the second dose and our responsibility is to do everything possible so that the vaccines arrive ”. He explained that they get “serious, hard” and that they demand “what has to come”, in relation to the letter uploaded to the public information system and published by the newspaper The nation.

He said that after the note they received “more than half a million of component two” of the vaccine, just over half that he had claimed in the document and at a later date than the order. He considered that Russia “responds within the capacities it has” and assured that a large part of the whey exports go to Argentina, in statements to Radio with you.

Denied the geopolitical factor in the vaccine deals

He relativized the “geopolitical” issues for the vaccines that were agreed with Russia and China, two countries with which the Government has a good relationship: “Sometimes it was questioned whether there was a geopolitical decision. We went to all countries, we want to receive vaccines that are safe and effective of the country that is ”.

The official in charge of the negotiation for vaccines mentioned in this regard, in the letter: “We have just issued a presidential decree that allows us to sign contracts with American companies Y receive donations from United States. Proposals and deliveries are for this year and include pediatrics, which is another advantage ”. anticipated that the possibility of inoculate with Moderna to minors with and without comorbidities. Although the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must first authorize the pediatric use of this serum.

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The letter from the Government to Russia for the delay in the delivery of Sputnik V vaccines

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