The governor of Texas will continue the construction of the wall and promises to stop the migrants: “You will receive a direct pass to jail”

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El gobernador de Texas continuará la construcción del muro y promete detener a los migrantes: "Recibirás un pase directo a la cárcel"

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an “unprecedented response” to address the “crisis” of undocumented migrants trying to cross from Mexico into the US, which includes the construction of their own border wall and “arrests. massive “.

In a serie From messages on his Twitter account, the Republican wrote that they will begin to make arrests of people who enter Texas illegally. “You will receive a direct pass to a jail cell,” he warned those who try to do so.

The border crisis is no laughing matter “, He said the governor, adding that in the “absence of the federal government, Texas is taking additional measures to secure the border and restore order.”

On Thursday, Abbott participated in a border summit in the Texas city of Del Rio. He previously said that the influx of migrants is “out of control” and that the crisis is the result of the Joe Biden administration opening up borders and “inviting” migrants.

In his opinion, Biden was not prepared to address this situation “or for what will come in the coming months.” “While securing the border is the responsibility of the federal government, Texas will not sit idly by,” the Republican added.

Among its determinations is the lifting of border barriers in Del Rio, which will allow the Texas Department of Public Safety to detain migrants for violations of various Texas laws. For these actions, 1,000 million dollars were approved.

Child care licenses, no effect

The governor also said he wants to work with local and other county officials to begin “mass arrests.” In addition, he created the first Texas Border Security Force, which will include several state agencies and a jail system.

Last week, the governor declared a state of emergency due to the increase in the migratory flow and annulled the state licenses for child care to shelters for migrant minors who travel alone or without legal representatives.

Last May, border patrol agents detained 27,890 migrants in Del Rio, the county seat of Val Verde, which means an increase of 1,118% compared to May 2020, which was 2,289 people, according to a report. from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The economic crisis in the migrants’ countries of origin has been exacerbated by the pandemic, for which thousands have had to leave their communities looking for job opportunities a EE.UU.

At the beginning of the month, Biden terminated the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, through which he deported to Mexico some 68,000 Central Americans who applied for asylum in the United States and who were forced to wait for the resolution of their cases in the neighboring country.

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