The Governor of the Moroccan Central Bank: sovereignty is priceless in the crisis with Spain

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Rabat, Jun 22 (EFE) .- The governor of the Moroccan central bank Bank al Maghrib (BAM), Abdelatif Jouahri, said today that “national sovereignty and territorial integrity are priceless” compared to economic interests with Spain or Germany, countries with whom Morocco is currently going through a diplomatic crisis.

Jouahri thus responded to a question about possible concerns from the BAM about the economic impact of the diplomatic crisis that faces Rabat with Madrid and Berlin, during the telematic press conference after the quarterly meeting of the board of the issuing entity.

“We have not made an economic calculation” on the impact of the diplomatic crisis, Jouahri replied, recalling Morocco’s cooperation with Spain and the European Union in general in the field of fighting terrorism and illegal emigration: “the border Southern Europe is unimaginable safe, “he said.

“If I have to make a pact with the devil to affirm our sovereignty over our land, I will do it,” said the central bank governor, referring to the sacredness of the question of Western Sahara for the Maghreb country.

Jouahri added that the current diplomatic crisis shows that there is “a fundamental problem and it depends on who is responsible for solving it,” a position that is in line with that of the Moroccan government, which has pointed to Spain as the source of the current tension.

The diplomatic tension between Rabat and Madrid broke out last April after the hospitalization in Spain of the secretary general of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, and worsened last May with the migration crisis in Ceuta in which more than 8,000 emigrants, the majority Moroccans, They entered the Spanish city illegally.

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Spain has established itself in the last decade as Morocco’s main trading partner, above France, with a turnover that has exceeded 13,000 million euros in 2019.

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