The grandparents make the grocery list and the granddaughter helps them shop online

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The pandemic made us take different precautions to avoid contagion. In Mexico, a couple of grandparents take extreme care of them. For this reason, to do one of her daily activities she enlists the help of her granddaughter.

To make purchases, the elderly turn to the internet and take advantage of the different solutions that technology offers them. They ask their granddaughter for help so that she can order them through the website of the supermarket.

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The situation went viral on social networks, when the young woman shared the methodology used to carry out the transactions. It was in Twitter where the user “@mai_salo” showed a photo of the supermarket list that her grandparents made, detailing each of the products that the woman had to buy in the international chain Walmart, through its website.

“My grandparents live in Tapachula, Chiapas and we live in SLP. It gives me a lot of tenderness that my grandmother writes her grocery list by hand, then takes a photo of her to send it by WhatsApp so that we can send her what she needs via Walmart Mexico”, Wrote the Twitter in the social network of the little bird.

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The story went viral in a matter of days, touching thousands of users. In addition, the anecdote has highlighted the love for older adults and the importance of new technologies to make life easier for them, especially in the context of a pandemic.

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The Twitter company compared the old supermarket lists with those of the present

Unlike what grandparents do, making the list on paper, the young woman told which are the scorers they have millennials Y centennials: “And one using the chat of the ex who is blocked to write the list of the super and important things,” he added in a comment to the publication.

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