The graphics technology demo by The Coalition with the newly released Unreal Engine 5 is quite eye-catching

The Coalition showed two videos where it tests the game production engine, Unreal Engine 5. Although the product is still in development, the results are quite eye-catching.

Xbox-owned The Coalition is the company behind Gears of War 5. The game özellikle Xbox Series XWhat the team managed to do with Unreal Engine 5 looks really impressive. Let’s see how much of this visual they will integrate into Gears of War 6…

The Coalition“First look from the #AlphaPoint demo! Gives insight into what can be done with the #UE5 engine. Its next-generation feature, Nanite, removes the limits on the number of triangles you can produce; another feature, Lumen, provides real-time lighting and eliminates the need for traditional control processes” shaped.

As you can see from the video above, the Alpha Point demo showcases many next-gen features, from ray tracing to realistic textures. This is another example of how games improve their graphics levels. It also shows us how close real life and game visuals are to each other.

Alongside its first tweet, The Coalition also showed a second video test. This is more about character model rendering. The demo shows an ultra-realistic face. You imagine what Kingdom Hearts 4 will look like in Unreal Engine 5 and more.

Features of Unreal Engine 5 We saw it in last year’s PS5 tech demo. After that we learned that Xbox studio InXile will use Unreal Engine 5 for its next-gen RPG. If the following news Sony spends $250 on Epic Games stock, which is the team behind Epic Games Unreal Engine 5.

This year Epic Games releases Unreal Engine 5 and makes its demo available in early access. One day later a developer rendered 10 billion polygons of his sleeping dog.

The Coalition said Gears of War will switch to Unreal Engine 5 in May, and two months later Unreal Engine 5 demo He said he would publish it. Let’s see what the studio will do in the future.

By Wesley LeBlanc.

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