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The great Netflix trick so you can see its content yes or yes

Netflix is ​​the service of number one streaming of the moment and wants to continue being. The platform does not remain on its laurels and, in addition to adding new titles to its catalog, use all the resources for you to choose it. Among its strategies is a trick as cool as it is imperceptible that manages to induce you to see its content. Find out what it is!

The entertainment giant has a huge advantage and a very precious asset such as the data of your 203.7 million subscribers. As a result of the behavior of its users, has knowledge of your location, your tastes, your preferences, your concerns and even what personalities you admire. That is why since 2017 it has implemented a system that has been giving it results.

Based on all the information that your algorithm collects, Netflix modifies the covers of its titles to make them more attractive to the consumer. In addition to offering series or movies that will surely interest you because of what you saw previously, the platform also adapts the images it uses to promote them.


So, for example, it will show you a cover of Stranger Things with Eleven y Mike if you are a fan of the romantic genre or will provide you with a photo of the Demogorgon if you love science fiction. In the same sense, knowing that you like terror, will put together a cover with the spookiest image you have from the series.

This also translates to actors because If it has a record that you saw or searched for content about a star, it will recommend titles where it works with its image (even if he is not the protagonist). A case of this strategy can be seen with the tape Madame Curie, where Anya Taylor-Joy has an important supporting role. If Netflix knows you enjoyed Lady’s GambitIt will give you the image of the Argentine actress, although the star of the film is Rosamund Pike.

The trick used on the algorithm is called machine learning: tool that takes care of learn subscriber habits. In addition, it has varied covers by title to better capture the user’s attention and get them to tune in to their content almost without being able to avoid it.


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