The greats are also wrong: know some ‘failures’ of famous people in history

History tends to focus on famous people and their great conquests in terms of war, politics and society. However, the truth is that many of these big names have had failed moments too in his trajectory before reaching the triumph. As they say, to err is human and learning from mistakes is a quality of the wise. And if you need more proofs to believe it, take a look at these ‘flops’ of famous people in our history.

3 big failures of famous people who teach us that a stumble is not a fall

Darwin had to abandon the Medicine career and his first trip has had a tragic end

Charles Darwin has entered history as the ‘father’ of the theory of natural biological selection. To weave your theories, the British made multiple trips to hitherto little explored regionssuch as the Galapagos Islands, Australia and Cape Town.

However, long before he became a respected geologist and taxonomist, Darwin was considered a mediocre student and refused to follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents in Medicine, leaving the race shortly after starting it. It is said that he was burdened with long lectures and hated to see blood.

But this is not the only reason why Darwin tops our list of the great ‘failures’ of famous people in history. Because, despite having had many successes in his overseas explorations, his first trip to the Amazon would end up having a tragic end, because his ship would catch fire in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Darwin

Einstein’s parents believed their young son might be retarded

The most important physicist of the 20th century has also had ‘failures’ in his life (and not a few!). During the early years of his childhood, his parents – Hermann and Pauline – feared that he might have some cognitive deficiency or delay. It because Little Albert took longer than usual to start talking and walking. Furthermore, his behavior was much more introverted than that of the other children.

Some years later, at the age of 17, the man who predicted gravitational waves and so many other phenomena, would fail the admission test at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University. Despite his high marks in math and science, he would ‘fail’ in History and Geography. Curiously, Einstein himself would assume, already in adulthood, to have a poor memory and some difficulty with texts …

And this would not be his last ‘failure’ … In his last great project on the ‘unified field theory’, where he tried to discover the fundamental laws that govern the behavior of all objects in the Universe, Einstein did not achieve the expected results and distanced himself from the international scientific community.Einstein

Van Gogh was a misunderstood artist and sold only one painting in his entire life

Today, the Dutchman Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most recognized painters in the world and one of the main exponents of Post-Impressionism. Nevertheless, his life has been extremely turbulent, involved in financial, emotional and health problems.

Van Gogh had numerous psychiatric symptoms and personality disorders, which could be associated with different diseases, such as schizophrenia or epilepsy. His health has been the subject of several studies, but these have only gained strength after the recognition of his work, which has occurred years after his death.

Regarding his artistic career, Vincent painted about 800 paintings, but he has only managed to sell one of them (‘The Red Vineyard’) while he was vivo. The incarnation of a melancholic and misunderstood artist whose success, sadly, has taken too long to come.

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